Anastasiya Berthier (Model) Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Biography, Boyfriend, Career and More

Quick Facts

Birth NameAnastasiya Berthier
Alternative nameAnastasia Berthier / Artdikaya
Birth PlaceMoscow, Russian Federation
Home TownMoscow, Russian Federation
Date of Birth8 February 1996
Age28 Years
ParentsMother: Not Available
Father: Not Available
SiblingsSister: Not Available
Brother: Not Available
BoyfriendNot Available
HusbandNot Available

Anastasiya Berthier is an accomplished Russian model and actress who exudes a commanding presence, intertwining an irresistible allure with her captivating aesthetics. Rapidly ascending to the forefront, she sustains her coveted standing as a highly sought-after talent in the ever-evolving domain of modelling. Since her debut, Anastasiya Berthier has emanated a radiant star potential that instantly captivated her.

The realm of fashion promptly acknowledged her innate knack for effortlessly seizing attention with every graceful stride on the runway. Her exquisitely sculpted features, enchanting eyes, and effervescent smile meld harmoniously, creating an enthralling concoction that leaves an indelible impact on all fortunate enough to steal a glance. This fusion of grace and charm firmly cements her as an influential presence amidst the industry’s array of talents.

Birth Life

Arriving on 8 February 1996 in Moscow, Russian Federation, Anastasiya Berthier made her debut in the world with Russian nationality. From her earliest years, a fascination for the fashion realm took root within her, igniting a passionate ambition to fulfil her destiny as a model. Driven by unwavering determination and a lasting enthusiasm, she embarked on a steadfast journey to bring this vision to life.

Early Life

From the outset, Berthier diligently pursued her aspirations, manifesting her unwavering allegiance to her chosen path. Immerse in the intricacies of fashion, she voraciously absorbed knowledge, diligently honing her craft to carve out a niche within the industry. With every stride, her trajectory resonated with the echoes of her earnest labour and unwavering commitment, forging an unforgettable path toward her aspirations.


Berthier’s path of growth mirrored the expansion of her aspirations. Confronting challenges head-on, she adeptly transformed them into stepping stones that propelled her toward greatness. Her pursuit of perfection blazed with boundless enthusiasm, establishing her presence in the fiercely competitive domain of modelling.

Guided by unyielding determination and perseverance, she navigated the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, honing her skills and evolving into the captivating model we see today. Anastasiya Berthier’s magnetic charm and entrancing aura captivated designers, photographers, and audiences alike, cementing her stature as a highly sought-after luminary.

Her journey, ignited by passion and steered by unwavering focus, stands as a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals aspiring to leave their mark on the fabric of fashion. Berthier’s narrative underscores the potency of determination and self-confidence, illustrating that the right mindset can actualize dreams into tangible accomplishments.

As she continues to imprint an indelible mark on the fashion realm, Berthier remains a guiding star for emerging models and dreamers across the globe. She serves as a reminder that pursuing one’s passion with relentless dedication can forge an extraordinary and fulfilling life journey.

Figure Measurement

Berthier possesses a graceful stature, standing at an imposing 5 Feet 4 Inches (roughly 1.62 meters). Her figure, a harmonious symphony of proportions, boasts measurements of 34-24-34, accentuating her alluring physique and natural curves. This meticulous balance makes her a prized selection for both captivating runway displays and captivating editorial captures. Tipping the scales at 173 lbs (73 kg), her confident demeanour is matched only by her ethereal beauty, which effortlessly emanates from each frame she adorns, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of fashion.

HeightIn Meter: 1.62m
in Feet: 5 Feet 4 Inches
WeightIn Kilogram: 73Kg
In Pound: 173lbs
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlack
Figure Size34-24-34

Net Worth

Berthier’s modelling career has flourished, propelling her to a successful position with a net worth of around 115K USD. Her strong online presence complements her achievements in the fashion industry. As her career continues to thrive, experts anticipate her influence and financial success will escalate even further.

Hobbies of Anastasiya Berthier

Berthier’s interests encompass a diverse range of activities that go beyond her well-known persona. Among her hobbies, she finds solace in the world of literature, often immersing herself in the pages of various books. The allure of exploration also beckons her, as she takes delight in traversing new landscapes and experiencing different cultures through her travels. Alongside these pursuits, she finds serenity in the embrace of water, frequently engaging in swimming.

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